"One of the things that I have seen happening to many people 
  is that God is shaking them awake right now. 
A lot of people who have been asleep their entire 
lives are getting jerked awake very abruptly."

I dreamed a very strange dream the other night. I saw multi colored
streams of light going from earth away from earth. There were all sorts
of shapes in the beams. At first it looked like a fun house with clowns,
and rides and merry go round animals. But then it changed to shapes and
forms and colors. I knew that it was "people"... their consciousness or
soul family going somewhere or grouping together to do something.
I was told, in the dream, to publish something that I had written
about 10 years ago -- 

It is an awakening poem for people who are ready for rapid awakening.
The poem came to me in about half an hour -- I was told NOT to change
ONE word -- not even the ones that are gramatically wrong!!

JULY 13, 1991
The following two poems are written in the same type of "Awakening
Prose" that Shakespeare used. Sir Francis Bacon also used this type of
awakening structured prose when he wrote the King James version of the
Bible. Both men learned to do this from the Bards who learned it from
the Druid priests, who learned it from the Egyptian priests, who learned
it from our extra-terrestrial ancestors.
Words can be placed together in certain patterns and structures so that
they create a firing mechanism in the human brain. This firing mechanism
triggers responses in the brain that causes a human to tap into a higher
consciousness. Even though the experience lasts only a minute or less,
the person is given a glimpse of a larger reality. People have referred
to these awakening experiences as "peak experiences", "ah haa" reactions,
and reveries.
The art of writing in such a manner was one of the skills taught in the
ancient mystery schools. It is an art that has been lost to most people
upon the earth. This art teaches people how to awaken all knowledge
within themselves. This tool is so powerful that it has been suppressed.
The evil controllers of planet Earth do NOT want their human slaves
understanding the true nature of the universe. If humans wake up, the
illegal immigrants on planet earth, who have plundered and raped the
legitimate occupants, would no longer have slaves to wait on them and
fulfill their every fantasy. Awakening prose works to awaken the
sleeping memory in the Children of God. It is time for it to once again
be known and used upon the earth.
If a person remembers how to write this way and teaches other people to
write this way, then many books, which are written using the "sacred
key", can come unto the market. When other people read these books, their
own inner truth vibrates awake, and one more enlightened person walks
the earth. Once enough people have awakened, then the earth can return
to the Sacred Plan that was laid down for Her eons ago.

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