First a little background information to bring us up to speed:

An aligning process was seeded in 1983. It started in 1987. Because of
this, people are waking up rapidly. Each time a new person awakens to
Universal Truth, the whole of humanity rises one notch. The higher
humanity rises as a collective group soul, the more important it is to
make sure that every aspect is in alignment.

Humans have seven chakras within the physical body. The chakras need to
be in balance within themselves and each other for humans to operate at
peak performance. Not only do humans have a chakra system in their
physical bodies, they have a chakra system in their higher bodies.

Imagine seven chakras in the first higher body. Then imagine seven
higher bodies, one beginning where the crown chakra of the lower body
ended/began. There are seven levels in each body and there are seven
higher bodies that stretch from the material plane, all the way back to
the beginning of creation. Each body becomes higher and finer as we
travel upward.

The time has come for humans to learn how to align these higher bodies.
The process begins in the physical body. Humans must learn to balance
the physical chakras first. Once this is accomplished, then the
knowledge of how to balance and align with the higher bodies will be
transmitted. All bodies will soon be brought into alignment. This mean
every one of your higher bodies, going all the way back to the powerful
central sun at the center of the combined universes.

When enough humans balance and put themselves into alignment with the
Higher Will, the earth will also be brought into alignment. The earth
has seven chakras. Her base chakra is red and is at the center of the
earth. Her second and third chakras lie below the surface of earth. The
fourth chakra is green and is the surface of the planet. The fifth
chakra is the air we breathe. The sixth is the stratosphere and the
seventh is the ionosphere.

As humans align their chakras, the planet aligns her chakras. When this
happens we will see a shift in the poles. Don't be alarmed by this. The
poles have shifted many times before. Some of the land masses that now
are peopled and prosperous will become deserts or ice caps. This of
course is done for a reason. The earth needs to heal herself and rid
herself of the toxins that have polluted her body. She will simply be
placing the polluted areas in the proper type of healing environment.

As humanity balances itself individually, so too will Mother Earth begin
to balance Herself. As she does, the axis will tilt ever so slightly
until the Mother has brought Herself back into alignment with the Great
Central Sun from which ALL has come. When this happens it will signal
the arrival of a new and enlightened age upon planet earth. These
enlightened ages have happened many times before. They presage a
graduation time.

Souls are not native to earth. They come to study. When they finish
their lessons they graduate. As they prepare for graduation a time of
quiet beauty and enlightened peace falls upon the earth.

Many of the souls upon the planet Earth are preparing for that time. The
Awakening process for this graduating class began in August of 1987.
When souls get ready to graduate, a gentle feminine energy comes to take
the group soul to its next school. A Divine Feminine power will soon be
felt upon the earth. This feminine force is the true "other half" or
feminine side of the Great Creative Spirit we call God. She will be soon
be making Herself known upon earth. This power has not visited earth in
many years. It is not Mother Earth. This gentle feminine energy is the
true feminine creative power. The Great Mother from whose womb all of
the universes sprang.... the vesica pisces...vessel of the fish!

The Mother's feminine presence is required whenever a soul group is
getting ready to graduate. The Mother's presence signifies great
creativity and a transition or birth into a new reality. The Mother
energy will be entering for the next six months, and then there will be
a transition period as the world becomes accustomed to the new changes
that will be occurring. In some places a real backlash will occur
because people will slip into fear. But realize that all is as it should
be and what occurs in one part of the world is right and timely.

Things are happening quickly now. There is no time to take twenty years

to cure a person of their drug addictions. There is not time to spend a
lifetime teaching a person about sexual addiction. All the humans who
are getting ready to graduate must be brought into balance within the
next 20 years... and this means balance on ALL levels.

Young people don't have the luxury of spending twenty years in the

romantic shopping market. The years of leisurely learning have ended.
Those people who do not agree to wake up real fast and get on with it
will probably be given another chance real quickly in their next life.
It's always easier for negative life patterns to be modified at an early
age. Fortunately, as the world moves into enlightenment, methods of
healing aberrations from past lives will be discovered and used

If you are dedicated to Awakening as quickly as possible so that you can

get on with your mission, then ask yourself if you would like to take
part in an Awakening Adventure. The poems that you will read will help
you awaken your own power and latent talents. They are written in
Awakening Prose.

When you read the first poem, please understand that it was written in

its entirety in about forty minutes. Not changed one word has been
changed even though the addition of a word or two would make the rhyme
better. The poem is written the way it is because each and every word
plays an important part. The message contained within the poem is less
important than the effect of the words.

Be aware of the thoughts that rise as you read this poem. Each time you

read the poem you will have new thoughts. Keep a journal of your
thoughts. You will be amazed.

The old ways of psychiatry, drugs and hypnosis have never worked to cure
a person or bring them into a state of balance. The only way to balance
a person on all levels is to put them in alignment with their own higher
Will and allow each person to become their OWN teacher and healer.
To begin the healing and aligning process, we are going to introduce to
you an example of Awakening Prose.

This example was transmitted to our contact on Earth many years ago. We
asked that NOT one word be changed. When you read the Prose, you will
see that some of the sentences don't make sense, and some words are
misused... this is done on purpose. However, as you begin to study the
"poem" and read more deeply, you will discover that what at first
appeared to be a mistake was indeed put there purposely, not just for
the "firing mechanism" in the brain to react, but there is a timely
message included.

Enjoy your Awakening Journey!

Part One of the Awakening Prose

Dear One,
For whom we've waited,
Patiently, we must add ...

All is well with the world.
God is in His Heaven
And in the hearts Of Man upon the Earth.

The long appointed time
For which the world has waited
Is drawing near the Earth.

The Angels sing,
The Harbingers bring
Sounds of joy for all to hear.

Join with us in exaltation,
For the time of joy is near.

Take fear and throw it to the wind,
For light is the way love will descend.
A light that fills the earth
And all the hearts thereon
With joy and understanding
And a pleasant evenin' song.

For now comes the Time,
The end's round the bend,
For all of you who've chosen
To leave... in love ... ascend.

Great tidings of joy and comfort
Await you at your home.
Your summer camp is closed now.
The winter has set in.
The time to join with those back home
Has once more settled in.

Allow the settling to enter your core,
For the message there is lain.
Far centuries back you placed it there,
Before to earth you came.

Take heart, my loved ones
And feel the presence
That gathers 'round the Earth.
The Ancient Masters once again
Await the joyous birth.

All see for those who will
All hear for those who can.
Great joy descends from Heaven
And fills the hearts of Man.

The evenin' song is singing
The sounds are in the wind.
All movement hastens homeward
The chapter nears its end.

Take hearts and lift them upward,
To your Father in the sky
He brings your elder brother
To prove that none e'er die.

With joy around his presence
And love within his heart
He draws together all his clan
So none shall ever part.

With sounds of joy and gladness
His love surrounds the world
His love has gathered all of us,
And into his heart we hurl.

With joy and love abundant,
We dance in ecstasy,
With faith our Father knows our fate,
We meet out destiny.

Go softly now my young ones,
Through hill and dale and vale.
The time's not up.
The book's not writ,
The curtain's yet to fall.

The old order is rapidly changing,
The ways of man are done,
All the gentleness that's staying
Is the world to finally come.

Open up your hearts in gladness,
Allow your heart again to shine.
Focus it upon the Heavens,
And allow His love in thine.

Fill your hearts with joy and gladness
For the rays shall stretch to Him
And give Him the needed stairway
He can once more in love descend.

Here comes the called for Savior.
He shall descend on Earth,
Not into one man or woman,
But into His safe home berth.

And where, my friends, is it,
That Christ shall call His home?
Safe within the hearts of those
Where love has freely shone.

Now take this message far and wide,
For God has proclaimed it so.
The Christ in Man now can shine
As elder brothers know.

Take all your outworn wisdom,
Allow it to float away ...
New days, New ways, New changes
Await the coming age.

New love,
New hope,
New beginnings...
For all who will accept.

The ancient road has led us well,
Don't feel the need to tred
Where feet of old have walked the path
And for Mankind have bled.

The road is new,
The wisdom too.
Allow it its own place.

The ancient myths foresaw this time
And directed Mankind's fate.
But allow the myths to nobly die
Once their purpose has been done.

For now the appointed time is nigh
But the ancient wisdom has not shone
Just how the act shall close.

It says Christ will lead us safely home,
But how and why and for what purpose
Never have been known.
So now its time to let go
Of ancient days and ways.
Take into your hearts
A new way
Of serving Man and God.

Allow yourself the freedom
To drop your heavy load,
Your burdens of guilt and failure...
For none of you have failed.

And here at last
We all have come ...
Safely, we must add.

Allow the tears of gladness
Down your cheeks to roll
For man has come at last to grace,
And Christ shall bless us all.

So in your heart of hearts,
Learn from this modern rime.
The clock's run out . . .
The ancient time shall mark the path no more.

Ancient ways and ancient days
Shall only hold you back,
Lay down your guilt and suffering
Lay down your shame and blame.
You failed him not ...
Your train arrived
At the appointed time.

We all are gathered waiting
For Christ upon the Earth
To turn your hearts skyward
And release you from your berth.

He has entered and is helping
All those who lead the way.

The time has come,
The lesson's done ...
Come learn a whole new way.

Lay down your guilt and suffering
For Christ has come in you.
You all are saved,
You all are through ...
You all are now Christs too.

Turn not away, the prophecy's made ...
His Word will see you through.

Lay down your guilt
You failed Him not
The road is now arrived.
You led Him home
So now He too
Can lead His family home.

With sounds of joy and gladness
He leads you from the earth,
And overwhelms your senses
With the wonders of your mirth.

Great joy and gladness fill you
And carries you right away ...
The appointed day,
The prophesied way,
Now descend to earth.

Miss not the train that's coming
For its stop is short and quick.

For all who must reach it ...
The heart now holds the trick.

Look deep within your own heart
Forget about all others.
The time has come.
The old way's done.
The Plan at last is come.

Within your heart the Christ is.
Seek Him out for He shall lead.

The station's ready
The train draws high
The Christ light now shall lead.

Open your hearts
All ye who hear,
To the joy to be received...

From God and love
In Heaven above...
Your tethers have been freed!

Enter softly in joy
For you have been expected.

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