Awakening Prose Comments: Part Two

Even though the prose which will follow was brought forth in 1985, it
was deemed necessary to withhold it until now.

Why ... you ask.

A story was told about the farmer who was so anxious for his plants to
grow and bear fruit that every evening he went out into his field and
tugged at the little plants hoping to make them grow faster.

One evening he pulled so hard that the little plant came up root and all. And of
course, because the plant was no longer rooted in the earth ... it died.

Can you see the parallel?

The human is rooted to the planet through the first or base chakra. This
is the chakra of survival and it is tied directly to the Mother body or
planet earth. This is the first chakra to develop, and it must stay in
good repair, actively open and working, or the body it is supporting
will die.

Why is this knowledge connected with the parable we just imparted?
Because there is a danger in opening up to the higher planes too

The danger lies in their beauty and peace... in the all-knowing Oneness
that permeates them... in the tremendous sense of well being and love
that one finds here.

The danger lies in the fact that many who find their way to our shore
never wish to leave.
The danger lies in the fact that if one sojourns too long in the higher
realms, the lower bodies atrophy and eventually die.

The base chakra of many spiritual seekers is almost nonexistent. Because
these people spend many hours in meditation, their consciousness is
directed to higher levels. Therefore, they neglect to give the base
chakra the energy and the needed attention which will allow it to supply
that the grounding and connection to the earth that is needed to

The base chakra is the chakra of survival on the physical
plane, therefore, it is the chakra that is connected with the creation
of the means to survive ... and in the world of 20th century America,
the means to survive is seen as money.

Many spiritual seekers experience problems with money. The reason for
this is their desire to become enlightened has dis-empowered their
survival chakra. If the lack of money becomes critical, then the being
does not have the means to create food, shelter and clothing. This may
lead to a downturn in the physical health of the body.

As more and more emphasis is placed upon spiritual advancement, more and
more energy is taken away from the energy center (base chakra) that
keeps the body alive. When this is the scenario, any rapid method of
enlightenment can prove fatal to the physical body. And while we do not
always find this condition undesirable, we do find it problematic at
this time in the evolution of the Mother Body.

Let us continue this discourse by discussing the Oracles at Delphi.

Delphi contained a mystery school, the most famous of which is
remembered in the legends of the Oracles... the wise prophetic
priestesses who helped people understand their lot in life.

In the early years of their rigorous training, many young priestesses
died. Why was this? It was because they had not sufficiently built up
their base chakra so that it could sustain them through their lengthy
out-of-body sojourns.

During the "channeling" process used at Delphi, the higher self of the
priestess would simply move out of the way to make room for the higher
being who brought the message. The higher self of the priestess would be
free to roam the planes where the Ascended Masters dwell. The higher
self had the freedom to study or rest or frolic.

Many times the higher self became so enamored by the beauty or wisdom of the higher realms
that it would forget to leave at the appointed time. When this occurred,
it was sometimes possible for one of the older and wiser of the
priestesses to reach up into the higher realms and pull the soul back
into body. But if the young priestess was not in close proximity to a
wiser sister, then the priestess ran the risk of returning to a body
that was either close to death or already dead.

If the soul stays out of body too long, the body forgets to eat, forgets
to drink, and may even experience a shutdown of the autonomic responses
such as breathing, heart beat and other organ functions.

Now let us return to our parable of the farmer who wanted his plants to
grow so badly that he tugged at them hoping to stretch them into
maturity. And stretch them he did ... until he broke their connection
with the sustaining power of the Mother, and they died.

If we were to have allowed these poems to be released in 1985... to all
beings, then we would have run the risk that some of you would have
awakened too quickly.

You would have been given the ability to climb the
heights, and after seeing our world, some would have chosen to stay with
us. This is all well and good in its time.

To everything there is a season.
A time for planting ...
A time for harvesting...
And the in between time ...
The time for growth.

Back in 1983 the Awakening energies were first seeded upon the planet.
Many awakened at that time. These few started writing, lecturing or
giving individual sessions to others who in turn awakened and began to
share their gifts.

The next influx of energy came in 1987. More people awakened. And now we
are in the most critical of all the awakening times.

However, there are obstacles that must be surmounted.

There are people upon the planet who do not want to awaken. They are
happy in their play and they wish to remain asleep. These people are
usually ones who have achieved some manner of comfort and happiness.

The more comfortable you are...

The less likely you are to want to rock
the boat...

Or wake up.

Within this group of Happy Sleepers lies another
more insidious group.

This more insidious group consists of people who create their
happiness at the expense of others. Within this group are people who
have so thoroughly enjoyed the game being played on earth that they have
thrown themselves totally into it. They play it with every fiber of
their souls and as such they have become so consumed by the game that
they have completely wiped out any way of reminding themselves that this
is a game ... this is illusion.

The more comfortable you are,
The less you want to wake up.

These beings play the game to win, and it doesn't matter what they do to
the planet or to their fellow humans. Their only purpose here on earth
is to collect the most toys and if this means swindling retirees out of
their life's savings, or destroying the rain forests, or killing every
human on the planet, they will do it.

You don't have to look very far to see a few of these people. Look at
the international bankers who control the money supply of nations. They
make themselves rich at the expense of the natives. Look to those who
are making money from the sale of drugs AND pharmaceuticals. Look to
those who foment war around the globe so they can make money by selling

Look at doctors and hospitals who are in the business of making
money and so they never truly heal their patients.

The list goes on ... but we have made our point. These powerful Sleeping Warriors have
personal greed, lust for power, and fear as their motivators. Any one of
the factors would be powerful by itself, but put all three together and
you create an almost unstoppable force.

Of the three driving forces, fear is the most powerful. This small group
of Sleeping Warriors is afraid to wake up because they fear that God and
their REAL Mother will hold them accountable for what they have done to
the planet and to their fellow man.

They fear they will have to pay the price, and they are afraid that the price will be more than they can
bear, including the possibility of total annihilation at the soul level
... absorption is what we called it in past discourses.

While these
souls are asleep, they can pretend that there is no God and that they are all powerful.

When these souls wake up, as some are doing this right now, they discover that they are welcomed back into the soul family with open

However ... there are those who have awakened enough to see that
what they are doing is not for the highest good of all concerned and yet
they have still chosen to stay their course and continue their harmful
practices. There are very few of these souls on the planet. But these
few are some of the most dangerous. These are the souls who genuinely
feel that they have become Gods-upon-the-Earth. (These are the black
magicians of ancient lore.) They feel they are so powerful and important
that nothing they do is wrong, and even if it was ... who would dare
stop them.

As the Awakening times approach, these people become agitated. Their
agitation could cause them to panic and plunge the world into full scale
wars which could end up in nuclear war.

As the time of peace draws closer, we are also entering the time when
full scale war looms highest.

To protect themselves and their positions of power, these
Gods-upon-the-Earth can and will cause mass destruction. You only have
to look at the recent war in the Persian Gulf, as well as the small wars
in Africa and elsewhere, to understand our meaning.

Do not feel that the leaders of the most powerful countries in the world
have escaped our notice. The leaders of the United States, Great
Britain, France, Germany and Japan have a great deal to lose if their
people wake up and begin to make just demands.

And so, the sleeping darkness is encouraged and the masters of illusion who perpetuate the
sleeping darkness are allowed free reign.

And so ... why have we chosen to release the Awakening prose now?

Because ... It IS time.

The seeds have been sown ... they have been allowed to germinate and
sprout ... and now they can be gently coaxed into blossom. The flowering
time is about to happen. And as each one of you begins to blossom and
bloom, the beauty of your flowering will cause others to also blossom.

When enough souls have blossomed or awakened, then the hundredth monkey
syndrome will come into effect and a world-wide awakening will occur.

The flowering time
Is about to happen.

And so ... to say simply, we did not choose to release our awakening
prose earlier. If we had released it, many of you would have chosen to
leave, like the young Oracles who became so enamored with our realms
that they chose to stay with us until their Earth bodies withered. If
you had become enlightened ahead of schedule, you would have chosen to
leave your body (i.e., die).

Thus, we would not have had the needed group force (combustive energy) to cause an awakening in all of our
brothers and sisters.

This is not meant to imply that the whole of the planet will awaken at this time. The ones who will awaken are the ones
who are members of the soul family that is preparing to graduate.

Some of these family members are the ones who are causing the most
problems here on the planet.

There are other soul families who live quite happily and peacefully, until they come in contact with the
sleeping, power-hungry, greedy members of our soul family.

Fortunately, these other soul families have a great tolerance for us,
because they are new to the Earth and as such, they have a direct
contact to God. In this direct contact, they have the means for great
forgiveness and understanding and love. (Think of the South American
Indians who have been enslaved by the gold miners, who overwork them,
subject them to poisonous chemicals, and leave a polluted wasteland when
they leave.)

Ages begin and ages end. Your class is not the first class to graduate,
and it will not be the last.

Many here upon the earth warn that if precautions are not taken at this
time, those in control of certain weapons might destroy the planet so
that it can never again be used as a school.

This simply isn't true. If humans get too out of control, Mother Earth... your "nanny" can protect
herself (hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, violent polar shifts, plagues,
pestilence... She knows what she needs and when she needs it.)

The Earth is not at the mercy of humans; don't ever think She is.
Mother Earth can protect herself... if she needs to.

And so ... the awakening lesson for today begins.

Remember to have your journal close at hand because you will want to
record your thoughts and reveries. If you prefer a tape recorder, that
will work also. If you prefer to read the poem out loud, please do so.

Part Two of the Awakening Prose

Wednesday, February 13, 1985

Once again you climb the heights
And meld your mind with ours.
Not long ago there was a site
Where time would flow for hours.

Swirling in a dervish way

That brought some to their knees

Time would circle round you

And bring our world to thee.

High upon a mountain

Where few humans ever tread,

The secret of the swirling time

Is hidden .... it is said...

That in the time before time

Which was no longer than a day

You wove your love all round us

Before you went away.

All round and over and through us

This love of yours did weave

And now tis on these lovely threads

We pull... so you can leave.

The threads of love stretch from you

And fill our world with song.

Our little angel has been away

From our hearts for far too long.

So now has come the appointed time

When all that came before

Be caught up and purified

And taint the earth no more.

As though a mighty genie

With a vacuum in his hand

Roams the earth from top to side

And clears the dirt of Man.

And so it is,

Our darling child

That you appeared on earth

To hold the sweeping energy

And free Christ from Its berth.

"How can one mortal Have such power?"

Shhh.... Your thoughts can limit now

Release your thoughts,

Allow ours through...

Your answer shall be found.

An individual who works with

God has only to demand,

And unto that person

Shall be given

ALL at our command.

Be careful of what you wish for now,

For your thoughts are powerful tools

Shaping a beautiful landscape

On which to place a brave new world.

So unto you is passed this day

The keys to a kingdom new.

So that in harmony with all mankind,

New worlds will shine in you.

Surrounded you are on earth and heaven

By a powerful few

Who have the fate of all mankind

Locked in their hearts so true.

Know now that as you read this

Our words find true their mark

In each and every colleague

With whom you shall embark.

The way is simple

Yet manifest

And in you all shall rise

Like flour into bread dough

In thine, the Father's eyes.

The power of exaltation

Is floating through the air.

The will toward divine creation

Will allow all men to share

The earth and all her assets,

So that none on earth shall need

And with love for God upon their lips,

All men will lose their creed.

Gone nations, churches, titles too,

All things that separate.

Come love and joy and wisdom,

Through heaven's open gate.

Go now in peace and joy and love....

Our time's about run out.

Remember that you...

Of all the world

Now bear the secret gift,

Your words carry the power

To heal the chasm and the rift.

For you ahead lies the road

The Masters have been shone.

Walk upon it gently,

With your brother by your side...

The love from whom you parted

Before the morning tide.

Cleave tightly to his council

For his words ring loud and true,

His only task upon the earth

Is to see the great Work through.